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Hello My friend

T.J. Allan

Dad + Husband + Pharmacist + Gym Owner + NBA Enthusiast + The #1 Fan of The Office + Traveler + Fitness and Health Nerd + Reader of Many, Many Books

My Philosophy

Everyone should have a training philosophy – a set of fundamentals that you believe are so true that all of your training and nutrition plans are built upon them, no matter the goal or circumstance. In physics, we call them laws.

Medical Disclaimer

My Services

If after reading this site you find yourself saying, “That’s a pretty cool dude. I think he knows what’s doing. I’d like to train with him to get rid of this DadBod. “, go ahead and click on My Services above, and we’ll make it happen, captain. COMING SOON

Medical Disclaimer

What I blog about

My Story

I know you’re not here for me. In fact, if you didn’t think I could help you, you probably wouldn’t read another sentence.

But you are here, and it would be impolite if I at least didn’t introduce myself and at the very minimum help you answer the question that’s bouncing around your head – Can this guy really help me lose weight and be awesome?

I’m a pharmacist, trainer, and small business owner. I graduated from the St. Louis College of Pharmacy in 2007 with my Doctorate of Pharmacy. Over the past 10 years, I’ve been in charge of Sullivan’s Drugs, which does a little more than $2 million in sales annually.

Although I truly enjoy pharmacy and its ability to help people, fitness is where my heart is at. I started my first gym in 2007 with a childhood friend. It started out in 2,000 square foot building, and since then has grown to a 9,000 square foot 24-hour gym called Ageless. During those 10 years, I got gym fever and opened 4 more gyms. I ended up selling three, and currently am an owner of just one – Ageless.

My fitness certifications include Precision Nutrition Level I coach, EXOS level I coach, FMS certified coach, Certified Sports Nutrition Coach from the ISSN, Training for Warriors Level 1 and 2 coach, and Spartan SGX. I also had my CSCS for around 6 years but let it lapse a few years ago.

As a pharmacist, I’ve done additional training for diabetics and created a diabetes-specific fitness program called DiaBeat-It. I’ve also had additional training on hormone replacement therapy, including testosterone replacement and offer blood panel consultations for those interested in optimizing their biomarkers.

In addition to the gyms, I’ve also contributed articles to Fight! magazine, Bluff! magazine, IHoops.com, Stack.com, ConFitdent.com, Natural Muscle Magazine, Personal Fitness Professional, and The Personal Trainer Development Center, as well as several other regional media outlets.

In short, I’m a fitness dork to the core.

And like most guys, I’ve transitioned through the typical “training life cycles.” During my late teens and early 20’s, I was infatuated with lifting heavy things (Louie Simmons) primarily because I was a scrawny kid who loved sports. Then as girls became the focus of my attention in my later years of college, it was all about aesthetics – 6 pack abs, big biceps, and a wide chest. When I finally found the girl I wanted to spend the rest of my life with, I jumped on the functional fitness/Crossfit craze and trained more like an athlete.

However, after spending at least half a decade in each fitness niche, I would always end up feeling unbalanced and looking for a better answer. When I lifted for strength, I lost my endurance and felt out of shape. When I did a traditional bodybuilding split, I gained muscle but lost strength and athleticism. Even when I did a more functional fitness approach similar to Crossfit, I didn’t feel balanced.

Essentially, I was looking for a training program that could do everything –

  • Give me 6 pack abs but also have decent strength in the major lifts.
  • Run a 5k with little notice but still have muscle.
  • Set PR’s but more importantly improve my health and wellness so I can be setting PR’s for the next 30 years.

Enter the Vitruvian Guy. I found that exercise and nutrition, much like everything in life, is about a balance – lifting heavy, running far, and eating “semi” healthy. A little of each goes a long way, and when done correctly, you literally can have almost everything you want without killing yourself in the gym.

And if you missed it, here’s The Vitruvian Guy’s training and nutrition philosophy.

If you’d like to train with me, Coming Soon.