How to lose weight while still coaching your kids’ baseball team

You’re a dad.

You’re busy.

You work ten-hour shifts. You mow the yard. You fix clogged sinks and gutters. You cook, clean (ok, just a little), and chauffeur your kids around the globe. Oh yea, you also coach your kids’ summer ball teams. By the time you hit your recliner at night, you’re exhausted.

So, how in the hell are you going to lose the dadbod with that kind of crazy schedule?

Surprisingly, it’s simpler than you think and not nearly as time-consuming as you feared.

Unfortunately, though, it goes against what you’ve read in the muscle magazines and on the “do you even lift bro” websites. Thus, to accept it and try it is about as hard for your ego to do as admitting that Tom Brady actually is the GOAT.

Forewarned – An Instagram-worthy routine this is not…. but it works really, really well.

Let’s start with the ugly.

The bad…

  • It’s rather boring at times. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if at multiple points you’ll say, “This is it? Shouldn’t I be doing more?” despite the fact the scale is dropping each week.
  • It’s a long, slow play. If you’re one of those poker players that goes all in within the first 10 hands, this isn’t for you. However, if you’re a guy that contributes the max to his Roth IRA every year, this was made for you. Not only will you lose the dadbod, but this conservative strategy will help you keep it off.

The Good

  • It takes very little time and energy so no matter how busy you are, you can fit it into your schedule.
  • It works because it focuses on the principles of fat loss that the social media influencers have forgotten about (or ignored because they’re too boring to get likes). I’ve seen it work time and time again for dads of all shapes, sizes, and ages.
  • It’s cheap. It doesn’t require expensive supplements or unique equipment. Although a gym membership is recommended, it’s not needed.
  • It doesn’t deprive you. You can still drink some beer, enjoy a pizza with the family, and order the ballpark nachos at the Cardinals game.
  • You won’t be “hangry.” Of course, your stomach will growl at times, but rarely will you ever mutter the sentence, “I’m starving.” You’ll be pleasantly energetic, and your family will thank you.
  • The workouts won’t kill you. Initially, you may have soreness for a day or two, but that will be about as rare as getting a discount at Disney.
  • It can be altered. You’re a dad. You probably have a bum knee or a back that nags at you. We all do. The beauty of this program is that you just have to follow the principles while the methods can be adjusted accordingly.

The 3 Step DadBod Fat Loss Program

Step 1 – Food

No matter how cool and shredded the guy on social media looks doing the Fran WOD in 6 minutes, fat loss starts in the kitchen. In fact, if you’re carrying an extra 30lbs+, this should be your only focus. Forget running. Forget the gym. Forget supplements. You only have one F to give, and that F is FOOD.

Now, your ego and the testosterone that fuels it is going to tell you that you need to exercise. You need to squat, bench press, and of course, perform a few curls in the mirror. Memories of your glory days in high school and college when you could bench 300lbs and squat 400lbs will flash through your mind. It worked for you then, so why not now?

(In my best Hulk Hogan impression)

Brother, forget about those days. You’re a different man in a different body with different stresses and different responsibilities. That may have worked when your balls were pumping 800 ng/dl of testosterone through your veins, your biggest responsibility was folding your underwear, and the only stress you had was the crazy, overly emotional girlfriend. However, you do that kind of workout now, and you can kiss your knees and back goodbye. 12 weeks from now I guarantee you’ll end up back on the couch with your dadbod… and crutches.

So, whatchya gonna do when the Hulkamaniacs run wild on you?

Focus on your food.

For a second, let’s ignore the testosterone and look at your fat loss problem from a logical perspective. Or, as my wife would politely say, stop thinking like an over-sized child, you idiot.

What’s your biggest obstacle? What’s going to keep you from losing weight? What’s stopped you from losing weight in the past?

For most dads, although we may not have as much as we want, the biggest obstacle in our path is not money, knowledge, or energy. To lose the beer gut, we have the minimum amount we’d need of all of them.

What it really comes down to is…. time. That’s our kryptonite. Time is that big rock that’s sitting directly in our path on our way up to the mountain.

We see these workouts online that look awesome, and because of that, our initial excitement convinces us to jump into it, but deep down we knew it was never going to work. 5 workouts a week, each workout lasting 60 minutes. With my schedule? Ha!

So what happens? We do it for a week or two, miss a few workouts because of our busy schedule, and boom – we’re back on the couch.

The same thing happens when we try a new diet. The before/after pics look awesome, the testimonials are great, and the creator of it is ripped. Please just take my money.

Of course, we overlook that the diet is asking us to think about what our entire week of meals is going to look like, shop for them, prepare them, and count calories/macro’s. Plus, no beer or pizza.

That’s great in theory, but I don’t see how any dad can handle that. However, once again, we dive in with excitement, do it for a week or two, miss a few days, and boom – back on the couch.

So, our plan has to take time into consideration. And when I say consideration, I mean that if this was checkers, a big ole clock would be sitting across the board from us. Our entire strategy should be created to defeat that beady-eyed bastard.

And that’s exactly what we’re doing… Losing fat while spending the least time doing it so we can continue to do our dad duties.

Go ahead. Give this approach a try. What do you have to lose?

Weeks 1-3

Watch what you eat. That’s what you’re going to do. And when I say watch what you eat, I literally mean watch what you eat.

I want you to download My Fitness Pal and track every piece of food and drink you put in your mouth. Don’t forget about the condiments.

Sounds exhausting?

It’s not. With My Fitness Pal all you have to do is scan the barcode of the item, and it will automatically upload it. At first, it may take you 15 minutes per day, but after a week or so, it will only take 5. It currently takes me no more than 2 minutes per day to do this.

That’s it. Don’t change what you eat. Don’t avoid foods. Simply track what you eat. Quick, easy, and painless.

One thing I should mention… If you’re a fan of Tim Ferriss, you’ll probably attempt to batch your tracking – doing it all at once as opposed to right after you eat. Don’t. What you’ll save in time, you’ll lose in accuracy. At this point, accuracy is far more important, and honestly, at most, you may save 5 minutes.

Why It Works


We have no idea how many calories we’re eating daily. In fact, I’ve yet to meet a guy that can guess within 500 calories how many calories they actually eat daily. 500 calories is often the difference between losing weight and gaining weight for a lot of us.

So how does it work?

Even though I tell you to not change your eating habits, you will. You’ll see the calories creeping up throughout the day, and you’ll either consciously or subconsciously eat less. It happens every time I get a guy to consistently track his calories. I don’t give him a meal plan, a caloric goal, or macro’s to hit. I just tell him to track, and poof, he starts eating a little healthier and the scale starts dropping.

Side note: The same can be said with a step counter. As guys, we’re competitive. If a scoreboard is put in our face, we’re going to try to beat it, and that’s exactly what a step counter and My Fitness Pal are – scoreboards.

I have one guy in in his mid-fifties who has lost 30lbs so far, and he’s done nothing but track what he eats/drinks. That’s it. He’s at 8 weeks now, and I think he can probably lose another 30lbs (he was 6’5, 295lbs when he started) before we add exercise or set a caloric daily goal.

Impressive, right?

And guess what… It hasn’t interfered with his work, raising his boys, or his “honey-do” list. He even still drinks a few beers on the weekends and enjoys a pizza with the fam.

That’s Zaddy Life!

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