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Vitruvian Guy: Noun; Vi-tru-vi-an guy; \və̇‧ˈtrüvēən gi\

  1. . A guy who never settles for either/or, and instead always makes it an and because he knows the and is what makes life worth living.

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Thoughts, ideas, suggestions, advice, and at times, chaotic gibberish about exercise and nutrition for guys who aren’t seeing the results they hoped for from workouts you typically see in the bodybuilding magazines. Said in another way – I talk about how you can have everything (run far, lift heavy, and 6 pack abs) with a balanced training plan.

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Life is about balance. Or, should I say, a successful life is about balance. Not too much of this. Not too little of that. Some of this. Some of that. If you’re not where you want to be, it’s because your balance is off. Let me help you find it so you can look younger, move better, and feel healthier.

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If you’re bored and want to know about me, my gyms, my education, my certifications, my history in the industry, my love for the NBA and The Office, or my favorite color, this page is for you.


Run, lift, and eat your way to …

Run a 5k, lose 30lbs, or just kick life’s ass.

If you’re here, I can only assume you’re like most guys – tired, out of shape, and looking to lose 20lbs or more. And, you’re probably interested in running, lifting, dieting, or all three.

Good. As a pharmacist, gym owner, trainer, and fellow guy, that is my specialty – helping guys get their “high school football” body back no matter how busy or out of shape they are by finding the right balance of running, lifting, and eating.

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Dad Life

Dad Life

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Like most dads, when life gets busy, my nutrition and exercise take a backseat to my little girl, my wife, and my job. This blog, not just documents what I’ve seen work with members of my gym, but more importantly, what’s worked and hasn’t worked for me. It also documents my Vitruvian Guy program.

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